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HUDA BEAUTY Rose Gold Remastered Eyeshadow Palette

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What you thought was love, was barely even a crush. Introducing the Huda Beauty Rose Gold REMASTERED Eyeshadow Palette; a transformed version of Huda’s groundbreaking first edition. This palette is inspired by Huda’s obsession with the absolute, most necessary colors you need on an every day basis. Rose Gold REMASTERED has made a comeback with creamier, more intense pigments and combines 18 luxurious, talc free eyeshadows in four key textures. It includes 8 buttery mattes, 8 melted metal shadows, 1 wet & dry black shadow and 1 pressed pearls shadow. The REMASTERED palette features redesigned shades with a softer color harmony, and the most insane metal fondant for your lids. The outer packaging showcases Huda’s favorite look and includes a large mirror to perfect your makeup on-the-go

“When we launched our first Rose Gold Palette, it was a very tough time for us as a brand, financially. We didn’t spend money on the packaging so that we could invest more in the quality of the eyeshadows. So, once we knew the Rose Gold Palette was something people really loved, my team and I started completely remastering the formulas, taking into account all of the feedback we had received. For instance, people said they wanted a mirror, a pigment that could work with a brush, and more buttery mattes. We reformulated the textures and created a completely new cream shadow formula that is so intense, and applies with fingers and a brush, as well as beautifully re-engineered matte shadows that are the possibly creamiest and most intense in pigmentation in the industry. Then we adapted our colors to create something that evolved with us as a brand and was more harmonious to match the new formulas! Huda Beauty has really grown as a brand in the last two years, and that’s reflected in this remastered palette. I can’t wait for everyone who has tried our Rose Gold palette to try the REMASTERED palette, and hopefully, you love this new version as much as the first one or more.” Huda Kattan

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  • RISQUE Richer plum red (revamp of Bossy)
  • DOLL FACE Brighter, red pink (revamp of Flamingo)
  • DEMURE Muted coral pink (revamp of Shy)
  • SUEDE Smoothing transition gray
  • COCO Dark brown
  • MANEATER Ruthless mulberry
  • HENNA Warm reddish-brown
  • SANDALWOOD Deep earthy tan
  • DUBAI Smoky bronze
  • FLING Sparkly cranberry
  • TRUST FUND Ritzy copper
  • ROSE GOLD Rose gold
  • PINK DIAMOND Sparkly pink
  • 24K Soft metallic pink with a hint of silver
  • #BLESSED Vintage gold
  • BUBBLY Soft rose gold
  • BLACK TRUFFLE Wet/dry, suede-like formula
  • MOON DUST Astral gold illumination


What’s New:

Mattes: Even more buttery and pigmented than before, our eight new mattes are talc-free and give MAJOR payoff that’s easy to put down, blend, and build. The shades: Risqué, Doll Face, Demure, Suede, Coco, Maneater, Henna, Sandalwood. Risqué is the new Bossy, with a richer plum red tone, Doll Face is a brighter red pink version of the old Flamingo shade, and Demure, the old Shy, is now a more muted coral pink.

Melted Metal: I’m so obsessed with this new addition! We’ve taken our unique foil formula and reinvented it in an even more lustrous finish, that can now be used with a brush, or for an extreme liquid metal finish, you can use your fingers. The shades: Dubai, Fling, Trust Fund, Rose Gold, Pink Diamond, a new soft metallic pink with a hint of silver, 24K, #Blessed, and Bubbly, a shimmering metallic champagne shade.

Wet and Dry: Our rich Black Truffle, suede-like formula was so popular for its ability to create the most smoldering smokey eye and to double-up as an eyeliner. We’ve adapted the formula so it can be used wet to create a super dramatic winged liner or dry for bold smokey looks. The shade: Black Truffle

Pressed-pearl:  Similar to the shimmers in our previous palette, this pressed pearl gives stunning shimmer in a more buttery formula. I love using it for highlighting the inner corners and dusting across brow bones and cheekbones. The shade: Moon Dust.

Application Tips

-The metallic shadows can be applied easily with a brush, and for a more amplified finish, you can apply using your finger.

-The Black Truffle shadow can be used wet for a sharp wing liner, or dry for an intense smokey look.

-Moondust is the ultimate highlighting shade for the lids, inner corner of the eye, or on the cheekbones for an extra glow.

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