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Beautyblender Pro Kit

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Product Description

Grab the Beautyblender Pro Set Blend Cleanser Solid, a specially designed sponge cleaner, and sanitise reusable applicators. Each essential Beautyblender pro sponge is the pro cosmetic tool of choice and it is essential for every expert makeup artist to keep their sponge applicators in pristine condition for every use. Now Beautyblender brings these professional salon standards to your home.

For clean makeup application, this solid cleanser dissolves any harmful toxins and old makeup stuck in your Beautyblender pro applicators. This solid cleanser maintains the integrity of Beautyblender pro foam products and is made from safe, water-soluble ingredients that will not cause environmental damage during use and once it has been thrown away.

No pretty girl wants a dirty face. To ensure clean and perfect application, maximise the condition of your sponge applicators with the Beautyblender Pro Set Blend Cleanser Solid.

Key Benefits:
  • Makeup applicator cleanser
  • Sanitising, non-comedogenic design
  • Created for weekly use to keep applicators in pristine condition
  • Works to extend the life of a sponge up to 3 months.
  • Ecologically soluble ingredients

What we’re made of

Edgeless streak-proof design. Exclusive aqua-activated™ foam with insanely soft texture for an airbrushed finish. Flawless coverage every time.

How To Use


Wet beautyblender® with water for each use.


Squeeze out excess liquid, using a towel if necessary.


Bounce powder or liquid foundation, bb cream, or coverup for a flawless finish 

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