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Who We Are ?

Beautyspot is a specialized health & beauty online store from Strawberry Tags Enterprise (001915001-W). We are a family-owned business, founded by Lynn - the eldest sibling of the family.

How Do We Start ?

It all started when Lynn - a biochemist by education, an investment executive by profession, resigned from her job in multi-national insurance company at the end of 2008 and start a small business.

It wasn’t a serious business venture in the beginning, aside from merchandise that she purchased during holidays overseas, she also sells random items such as - chocolate moist cake, muffin and fabric, just to name a few. However, as she picked the rhythm up gradually and started selling beauty products from USA, with the help of her younger brother, Faruq, who at the time was studying in Illinois.

A year later, in 2009 - she registered the business as Strawberry Tags Enterprise with SSM (Companies Commission of Malaysia) as a sign of commitment towards her journey in entrepreneurship.

Now ..

Looking back, Strawberry Tags has gone larger than what Lynn ever imagined. Thanks in part to the symbiotic, continuous and on-going support from family and business partners throughout this endeavor.

Awards, Participations & Recognitions

#MYCYBERSALE (2017,2018,2019)