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RINO Ready GRD-01 LTD Face Mask - Desert (L)

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Product Description


GRD-01 LTD - a new look on a mask built to last.
Cordura ® NYCO ripstop, X-Pac, and TPU textiles
HEIQ ® V-Block and DWR treated

Organic bamboo cotton with PM 2.5 filter slot
Rugged ABS buckle adjusters

Multi-use shock cord:

  • hands-free hanging
  • tighter fitment
  • ear tension relief

Sizing is identical to the GRD-01 technical series. 

Please reference sizing information below or in the photo section above.


DISCLAIMER: “GRD-01 LTD” mask and all Guardian (GRD) series related products are not designed, produced, or intended to prevent, mitigate, treat, diagnose or cure any disease or health condition, including COVID-19/Coronavirus. Masks are intended for general public use only, as they are non-sterile and are not intended for use in any clinical or surgical setting. The GRD series are not surgical masks, personal protective equipment, or filtering respirators, and should not be used as such. 

For the health and safety of everyone, we can’t accept physical returns, repairs or exchanges of the GRD series. Any issue with materials or workmanship on these masks will be evident immediately; beyond your immediate inspection of the mask upon its arrival, the mask is not covered under our warranty. 

These guidelines are based on this FDA document; the guidelines may be subject to change. Please refer to the FDA website for the most up-to-date information.

The GRD series are not intended to Provide Liquid Barrier Protection. The GRD series are not a surgical device and should not be worn as such.  The GRD series has no respirator within and cannot be used as such. The GRD series is not to be used  in any surgical setting or any setting where significant exposure to liquid, bodily or other hazardous fluids can happen. The GRD series is not for use in a clinical setting where the infection risk level is high. The GRD series is not for use around flammable gas or high heat sources. The GRD series is not made of medical grade material and not intended for medical use. The GRD series is intended for adults only.

Wash these masks according to CDC washing guidelines before using and after wearing. Do not microwave. Do not put in the oven. Do not spray with bleach. Do not dry clean. 

The GRD series is intended not to completely stop or cure any airborne disease. The purpose is to be used in addition to recommended guidelines and not as a substitution. If unsure, consult your personal physician before wearing.

The GRD series is to be used only after being washed and dried, secure the mask and make sure that both the mouth and nose are covered. 

WARNING: Any gaps between the mask and your face or an unsecure mask, will reduce the effectiveness of the mask. Any hand contact with your face, or the mask itself once secured, can increase your risk of contracting or communicating any infectious disease.

There are no medical claims or cures from wearing the GRD series face mask.

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