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Dr. Scholl’s® Comfort & Energy Work Insoles - for People Who Work On Their Feet (Choose Your Size)

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Dr. Scholl’s® Comfort & Energy Work Insoles - for People Who Work On Their Feet (Choose Your Size) Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

Product Description


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We designed Dr. Scholl’s® Comfort & Energy Work Insoles especially for people who work on hard surfaces and experience discomfort and fatigue in their feet and legs. Built with Massaging Gel® Advanced technology and extra cushioning to provide all-day comfort, our shock absorbing insoles help you stay more energized while you work.

  • Massaging Gel® Advanced technology plus extra cushioning to work in demanding environments such as hard surfaces
  • Provides all-day comfort that keeps you feeling more energized
  • Helps reduce muscle fatigue in feet and legs
  • Allows you to stay on your feet longer


  • Casual shoes, sneakers, work, boots/shoes


  • Rugged construction and extra support and cushioning provide superior comfort when you’re working on your feet all day

Why It Works

  • When you work on your feet all day, the muscles in your feet and legs can become fatigued from supporting your body and from the shock of walking on hard surfaces. This can leave you with tired, achy feet and legs and could slow you down.

  • Dr. Scholl’s® Comfort & Energy Work Insoles provide support and an extra layer of cushioning to absorb shock from working on hard surfaces, which helps reduce muscle fatigue. This helps you feel more energized throughout the day.

How To Use

Replace insoles every six (6) months or at first signs of wear

  • STEP 1: Your shoes’ current insoles are probably removable – TAKE THEM OUT FIRST.
  • STEP 2: Place insole into shoe to test for size.
  • STEP 3: If needed, trim along the outline (on top of the insole near the toes) that matches your shoe size.
  • STEP 4: Insert insole into shoe GEL SIDE DOWN.
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