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Not Your Mother's NATURALS Aquatic Mint and Coastal Sea Holly SCALP REFRESH Conditioner - 16 oz

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Not Your Mother's NATURALS Aquatic Mint and Coastal Sea Holly SCALP REFRESH Conditioner - 16 oz Ratings: 0 - 0 votes
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What’s the best way to celebrate a clean scalp and hair? Moisturizing, of course. Not Your Mother’s Naturals Aquatic Mint & Coastal Sea Holly Scalp Refresh Conditioner deeply moisturizes and hydrates your scalp and hair, while delivering a cooling mint sensation. This reinvigorating combo will elevate both your hair and your hair-washing experience.

Since this conditioner hydrates without weighing hair down, you can enjoy more bounce and shine from root to tip. It’s perfect for use on any hair type, including color-treated hair. It’s gentle enough to use as often as every wash and doesn’t contain protein. It’s also free of sulfate surfactants, silicones, parabens, and phthalates.

The ingredients used to formulate this conditioner were carefully curated for their naturally occurring properties. Not Your Mother’s selected aquatic mint, cultivated near bodies of water, because of its reputation in nature as a powerful purifier. They’ve combined this fragrant herb with the marine plant known as sea holly, which is responsible for aiding in scalp renewal.

This line is filled with a fresh woody mint fragrance that’ll awaken your senses and elevate your hair washing experience. You’ll feel just as fresh as you smell.

The Aquatic Mint & Coastal Sea Holly Scalp Refresh line is designed to provide moisture and balance to all hair types, and will not dry out hair.



* Our ingredients are considered naturally derived if they are unchanged from their natural state or have undergone processing (which may include the use of non-natural ingredients or processing agents), yet retain majority of their molecular structure from their original plant or mineral source. The remaining synthetic ingredients constitute 2% of the formula to help ensure its efficacy and shelf life.

  • Environmentally friendly formula. 
  • This finished product is never tested on animals
  • Made in the USA

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How to Use

Lather and work into wet hair.  Rinse thoroughly.  Safe for daily use.  Follow up with Restore & Reclaim Conditioner.


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