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Real Techniques Eye Detail + Define

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Product Description


The eye detail + define brushes are designed for precision eyeliner looks. Use with liquid, cream, gel, or powder liners and shadows.


  • Definer Brush
    • Firm, slanted bristles are ideal for controlled application along the lash line

  • Our Smallest Brush Ever Square Detailer Brush
    • Precision cut, squared bristles help create small, precise lines + accents

  • Bonus Liner Guide / Eyeliner Pick
    • For steady liner application

Product Features:

  • Use with liquid, cream, gel, or powder liners and shadows
  • 100% cruelty-free

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How To Use

+ Apply a gel liner across the roots of lashes with your definer brush, then use the square detailer brush to sketch on a dramatic cat eye using the eyeliner pick.

+ Use the square detailer brush to create the smallest and most precise lines—inner eye liner or highlight, layered liner, bright eyeliner or ultra thin shapes and designs.

How to Clean

  • Clean weekly with our brush cleansing gel for improved brush performance