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SunJoy K1 KN95 Professional Protection Disposable Face Mask (10 Pack)

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Product Description

Offering a 95% filtration rate to essential employees and individuals who require daily protection. Strap adjustments are available to size for smaller faces. The KN95 masks come in a package of 10 masks.  

  • Medical Use Prohibited
  • Professional Protective Mask against PM2.5 Haze and Tiny Particles
  • ≥95% Filtration Efficiency Smooth Breathing
  • For Both Men and Women
  • Smog and Particulate Mater 2.5 Protection
  • Self-Priming Filtered Type Mask KN95 (Disposable)
  • Contraindication: None
Tight fit, polluted air proof, adjustable nose clip, suitable for different face types.

Self suction filter particle respirator, disposable respirator without exhalation valve, new generation of filter cotton material, reducing respiratory resistance and improving comfort.

The branding, ventilation and stitching around the edges and nose clip of this mask differ from the version previously authenticated by the CDC's NPPTL COVID-19 Response: International Respirator Assessment. The CDC notes the samples it tested "may or may not be representative of a larger lot or population of similar respirators." Comparable Sunjoy K1 KN95 masks have been found by the CDC to have a 99% filtration rate.

Suggested Use

Wearing instructions:

  1. Open the package. Take out the mask. And open it.
  2. Place the nose clip on top of the mask. Hold the mask against your chin
  3. Tie the ear strap behind the ear. Adjust the position. Feel as comfortable as possible
  4. Press the clip from the nose to the sides and make the clip close to the nose and face

Positive pressure test: gently press the mask with both hands, and then deliberately exhale. The air should not leak form the edge of the mask.

Negative pressure test: gently press the mask with both hands, and then deliberately inhale. The center of the mask should be slightly concave.

In case of air leakage, please adjust the position of nose clip and ear band until there is no more leakage.

Range of application and uses:

This product can be used for respiration the protection of some non-oily particulate, such as dust, pollen, all kinds of industrial dust and so on. It can be the basic protection of the PM 2.5 which is the environmental pollution particulate matter.

Instructions: Put the mask to your nose and make it around the face.


Product features, structure and composition: This product is made of the mask, nose clip, and masks band. 

  • The first/forth layers are PP non-woven fabrics. 
  • The second layer is PP melt blown woven fabrics. 
  • The third layer is PP hot cotton.



  1. This product is valid for three years, please use it within the duration.
  2. This product is not reusable, please dispose it after use.
  3. If the package of the product is damaged, please do not use it.
  4. Please use it carefully if you are allergic to non-woven fabrics.
  5. Please read the instructions carefully before using this product.

Special storage condition and method: Please store it in the environment where the relative humidity is less than 80%, has no corrosive gases and has good ventilation. Please keep it away from sunlight.

Validity: This product is validity for three years with proper storage. 

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