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Welcome Back Maybank2u Pay!


Last year on 07/07/2018, we introduced Maybank's payment gateway, i.e., Maybank2u Pay for Maybank2u users at Beautyspot.

We were glad that our customer tried out, and other than the pop-up issue that were raised (it has to be enabled or the payment cannot be processed) there were no other issue.

Error message - Your request is being processed

However, after we installed our new SSL certification almost a month after Maybank2u Pay's implementation, the payment just stopped functioning. We worked with Maybank regarding the complication, but they were basically saying, the newly installed SSL certification should not be a problem for the payment gateway to work. But alas, it does not work still..

After some time, as not to frustrate anyone, we disable it. Almost forgotten about it until .. the first Raya of Eid-ul-Fitr, the magical moment happened.

(Yes, our tech guy works on holiday   )

We have enabled it, just to see what it is doing and *puff* - it's back to work! Still, there were mystery behind, but nonetheless - hey, welcome back!


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